Low Cost, Long Life
Asset Tracking

Live track what's important to you and get alerts when they move.

Track your items

Track your assets.

Get real-time location data in the palm of your hands, track and follow live.

Get alerts with our mobile app

Get alerted.

Set up geofences and receive live alerts when your trackers enter/exit.

Fully encrypted asset tracking

Fully encrypted.

Data is encrypted on broadcast, no snooping neighbours can see.

Get notified when your things move.

Get notified when your things move.

Notifications sent directly to your phone when your trackers enter or exit an area and when your trackers battery is running low.

Business Asset Tracking from Trackpac

Business Asset Tracking

Our Higly scalable platform supports you right through from individual accounts right through to multinationals. We offer full integration and functionality at no extra software cost. Grow your existing systems capabilities and use our API.

Business asset tracking from Trackpac

The Hardware.

Our hardware is designed to be small, light and easy to use. We offer a range of trackers to suit your needs.

Tab Object Locator

Track your personal possessions, keys, bags, expensive items or even yourself on the move! The Locator is quick and easy to get going and small enough to fit in a pocket.

Oyster 3

With Years of battery life, a rugged IP68 case the Digital Mattery Oyster 3 is the perfect tracker for long term asset tracking. Perfect for industrial and commercial use.